Year of the Fox

Fashion is the bastion of skinny assholes who parade around looking like crippled cockatoos. Let's get in on this.

Year of the Fox, much like my personal blog (aren't they all?) Charming or Tedious, is all about FEATURES. These are tagged and include:

NAIL VICTORIES - nailz did done right.
NAIL FAILS - nailz did gone horribly wrong.
MAKEUP MISDEMEANORS - why'd you think that looked good on your face? Let's make fun of it.
FASHION FELONIES - why'd you think that looked good on your body? Let's make fun of it.
THE END IS NIGH - things that make me think the world is ending soon, like ugly models, Jersey Shore, and the fact Tyra Banks wrote a book.
QUESTION MARKS - my endless quest for understanding unimportant shit.
TRENDSETTERS - self explanatory.
PERSONAL IDOLS - self explanatory.
BAD BITCHES - chicks with amazing style and interesting personalities.
THINGS I STRONGLY BELIEVE PEOPLE SHOULD STOP DOING - shaving one side of your head, emulating Chloe Sevigny, and turning up on The Cobrasnake fit into this category. AND SO MANY MORE THINGZ.
CHAMPAGNE ROOM FAILS - me looking like an idiot.
STERNER APPROVED - people wearing shit I strongly approve of.
SIDE EYE - bitches giving each other the side eye, the world's most comical and passive aggressive look.


About your host, Nicole "Niki" "Champagne Room" Sterner:

I buy, occasionally alter and resell vintage clothing, bags, shoes and almost anything else I can get my hands on. Looking to buy something? Sell something? Email me at theurbanaesthete(at) Don't be shy.

On to the shit talking. Shall we?

5 minute makeup: drugstore bronzer on eyes and cheeks; YSL Faux Cils mascara; MAC Studio Fix foundation; lipliner.

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